Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Johanna Gan - Exercise 5

My exercise 5 came out much quicker and easier! I think it could still use some work (like the hair), but I'm calling it done.  I didn't realize it was due Monday and I didn't want to fall behind (at least not this early on!) so I hunkered down and did it.

As usual, you can see my progression.  I originally did it without eyes at first to really track the face, but I somehow must have saved over that test so I couldn't include it.  then I thought, I ought to add the eyes, so I did... and eventually, said not to call it quits without giving her some hair (the hair could use more work, it's a bit rough).  I opted out on the dog ears last time and I wasn't going to let myself get away with not doing the hair this time.  The hair is part of the head, and that makes it part of this exercise!

The rough test, you may have noticed, I was having fun with the smear again. The test right after the rough test came out choppy towards the end with a bit of a pause between the last few drawings, so I worked it out and that's why it may seem the two no hair tests look similar, but they're not. You can also see the shape of the face changed a bit in the first drawing (I kinda think I should've kept it as it was!). I won't write you a novel this time, so here's what I did for #5:

Animation 51 #5 from Johganna on Vimeo.

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