Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Johanna Gan - Exercise 2

Since I haven't really animated much in the past few years, I have to learn all this stuff over again!

I pack my video with progress clips so vimeo recognizes it as a video to upload.  With that said, the red ball is my final.  This exercise didn't take too long at first, but the more I tweaked it the more ridiculous it became and the more time I spent on it.  My big problem was with the arc of the first full bounce. It just kept appearing really floaty or evenly timed and it bugged me.  Eventually, I just said I'm done with the exercise, and this is what I ended up with.  Like my previous exercise, the frame numbers indicate new drawings. 

The progression:
Final - Red ball
Initial planning - shows the arc path and my timing charts I didn't follow in the end.
Initial planning #2 - minus the arc path for bounce clarity
Inked - added a more prominent brush stroke for the ball rather than pencil
Playing with arc - this one the ball is filled in with white
... spared you all the other tweaking videos...
Final again - Red ball (same as beginning)

Animation 51 - #2 from Johganna on Vimeo.
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