Monday, April 21, 2014

A Friendly Reminder

Hey there!  It's Johanna.

It's exciting to see a great group getting together to share this experience!  As we set sail, I want to stress that this is really an opportunity for each of us to steer our own boat through the sea of animation.  There's a lesson to each exercise, and even though we may be doing the same exercise, we may be learning a very different lesson.  We all learn at our own pace and I encourage you to share your experience when you post your exercise.

We are all approaching this at different levels of experience but are here for the same reason: to practice our animation skills.  The only person you are competing against is yourself so don't feel intimidated by others. We are here to support, to inspire, and to learn from each other. We each have something to offer and it will be wonderful to see how many possibilities can arise from the same exercise.  Let's have fun!

Happy Animating!
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