Saturday, April 19, 2014

How It Works

Dear Participants,

Practice is the only way to master anything. This is designed to be a supportive, learning environment built around an encouraging community helping each other refine our skills. With that said feedback is an amazing way to learn and improve our skills, so be kind and give feedback to our fellows animators.

I want to keep the feedback system as simple as possible.

  • You can give written or video feedback.
  • Videos (Animation and Feedback) should be embed directly to this blog using Vimeo or YouTube.
  • It's very important to include the Timecode to your animations.
  • It's suggested you give feedback at least once a week.  Life can get in the way, but the best way we can get better is if everyone participates in helping each other.
  • Be honest on your feedback, no sugar coating or douchiness allowed. Remember to start with the good stuff and continue with the things it needs to be fixed.

When posting an exercise, please title your post with your name and the exercise number.
Example; John Smith exercise1 

I will add a video tutorial to let you know how to embed videos on the blog and how to give video feedback on MAC and PC. 

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