Monday, April 21, 2014

Daniel Moreno Exercise 1

Hi everyone, here's my first entry to this great and diverse group.

So the first thing I noticed when I began this exercise is the importance of reference for planning an animation that would seem easy at first glance. There is a number of details that skip the eye with a bouncing ball, and its always better to be prepared before setting the first key on the scene. I went with one of the great books on animation for this, The Animator's Survival Kit. The main points to work here where

-the keys where the ball makes contact with the ground, because there needed to be an "extra" pose that shows the wheight of the ball, by squashing it down

 -the parts where the ball takes off the ground (and comes into it) also needed to be exagerated by stretching the ball

Below is the end result, any comment to make it better is always appreciated!

Animation 51 - Exercise 1 from Daniel Moreno on Vimeo.
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