Friday, May 2, 2014

Johanna Gan - Exercise 7

I'm not sure if it's actually showing a "character thinking" but... here's what I have for exercise 7. Hopefully, I can catch up this week, but just to note we're more than 1/2 through Level 1!!!

Once again, you'll see the progression.  Originally, I was going for a Peanuts angle which you can see in the initial phase (the composition/style), but then saw a video where Aaron Blaise was drawing a character in the same pose that I was going for so I modified it thinking it'll help me in the long run.  Even the blog post that I saw it on was helpful in planning out the shot.

There are some things I see that stand out and could use a little more work, but I feel I've learned a lot from this exercise and I'm ready to move on to #8.

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